What is family therapy?
Family therapy at BTW is run by one of our trained therapists in a safe, caring, and confidential setting. In session, the therapist will help the family members better understand themselves and change the parts of their relationship that are problematic. The focus of therapy is on helping the family explore and work through any feelings, thoughts, worries or behaviors the family members want to change within themselves and their family units. A group format is used in order to provide a forum for family members to learn additional ways to overcome life’s challenges and build their relationships with each other. Together, both the therapist and family members set the goals of therapy and work to achieve those goals.

How can family therapy help me?
Most people begin family therapy for a variety of reasons (for example, strained familial relationship concerns, anger, coping with grief or trauma, depression, substance use, etc.). Your therapist will support the family on their path to wellness by helping them overcome any challenges they are facing so they can have the best familial relationship possible.

BTW Therapists often help family members with a variety of different issues including:

Trauma & PTSD
Sexual Abuse
Family Conflict
Identity/other diversity related concerns
Behavioral Issues
Substance Use
Coping Skills
Emotional Disturbance
Personality Disorders

How long does family therapy last?
Family therapy sessions typically meet on a weekly basis and last for 50 minutes. Depending on the family’s needs and progress on their goals, the length of therapy may be over the course of a few sessions or over numerous years.

How many family members will be present in session?
Family members are limited to 2-6 members. At times, the therapist may ask for others that are significant to the family (for example, a mother in-law or best friend) to temporarily join the session.

Why Bridges to Wellness?
BTW therapists have a shared commitment to wellness. We know that being the best version of ourselves requires work and we are dedicated to helping our clients overcome any challenges they may face. Through the process of therapy, we help our clients find their motivation to change so they can live an authentic, meaningful life each and every day.

Begin your journey with us.